Data Manager

Published: 1 September 2023

Data Manager
Location: Houston, TX
Work Schedule: Hybrid - 80% office-based/20% home-based
Duration: 12 months

Our client, an integrated oil and energy conglomerate, seeks a Data Manager to provide technical data expertise and advice in the areas of Sustainability (environmental, carbon/emissions, and reporting) related to their operations, purpose, ambition, and aims. This role supports Methane (Aim 4) Data and Methane Reconciliation explicitly.

The Data Manager will be responsible for operating and supporting the development of the client data product(s), specific to the measurement, analytics, use, and collection of Sustainability workflows and activity that support Innovation and Engineering and Health, Safety, Environment, and Carbon initiatives, drive value creation, and sets and adheres to data governance, internal standards, and external regulatory and legal requirements. This also entails supporting a unified, integrated, high-value platform, data democratization, and continuous improvement of Sustainability data assets.

The Sustainability data scope includes all data elements on carbon/emissions and environmental and sustainability data, information, and company-wide digital documentation. The Data Manager is responsible for delivering artifacts and product support on the operational and strategic data aspects of Sustainability.

Role Responsibilities

  • Supports the larger HSE&C product data strategy, including defining and supporting discovery, data element prioritization, roadmap, plan, and tools needed and used for Sustainability data.
  • Acts as a conduit between the HSE&C community and the data & technology community, including the leadership in both organizations, on data strategy, data management, and the governance and use of Sustainability data.
  • Helps prioritize critical initiatives within the Sustainability product line to support the HSE&C digital strategy.
  • Identifies and raises critical issues related to Sustainability data in the product line and data & analytics operation.
  • Drives the appropriate use of regulatory and complex data. Identifies proper ways to deliver value using an integrated, holistic data landscape.
  • Escalates Sustainability data issues throughout product development, data operations, discovery, etc. Identifies barriers and helps ensure planning, budget, and value delivery progress.
  • Works with external partners, where appropriate or necessary, to support the delivery of specific projects and capabilities.
  • Drives Sustainability data management processes and policies. Monitors and advises on the quality of data and adherence to standards.
  • Drives an open data culture within the HSE&C community, data & analytics, and product lines to minimize silo thinking. Applies appropriate data classification for internal sharing and integrating data.
  • Supports the development of the product line’s data capabilities through knowledge sharing and leveraging learning.
  • Demonstrates ability to operate effectively across organizational boundaries within a highly complex, highly regulated, fast-paced, fluid, Agile environment.
  • Combines big-picture thinking with pragmatism. Able to consider and support a scalable data strategy for Sustainability.
  • Build trusted relationships to influence SMEs and technical resources across HSE&C, data & analytics, and companywide products.
  • Can balance short-term needs while supporting the development of longer-term solutions.
  • Shows good judgment.
  • Monitors current trends and data development emerging in industry and digital space.

  • 5+ years of Business Analyst or Data Manager experience (preferably in energy industries and with environmental/sustainability data), mainly designing, building, and operating systems and workflows that are data dependent.
  • Track record of delivering Sustainability data-related or technology projects and efforts, analysis or reporting, and proven ability to provide data-related guidance and recommendations.
  • Experienced and versed in data analytics tools, data architecture, and data management.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with technical professionals and subject matter experts regarding digital and technology.
  • Experience in “liberating data,” establishing data as an asset, and promoting a culture of innovation and relentless improvement.
  • Experience building consensus around data value and gaining support from leadership and organization for data-driven decision-making.
  • End-to-end acquisition, analysis, and management of Sustainability data and information across typical client operational activities.

An undergraduate degree in a STEM field is required.

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