Devops Engineer

Published: 17 February 2023

Devops Engineer
Position: Devops Engineer
Location: Douglas House (London)
Duration: 6+ Months

• Introduce processes, tools, and methods to create an optimal software development lifecycle, from coding and deployment to testing and updates.
• Help overcome the barriers between software development, QA, testing, and IT operations teams to ensure a collaborative, holistic environment necessary for DevOps.
• Design, build, test, and maintain the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) process.
• Automating different phases of the DevOps pipeline to accelerate pipeline processes, scale environments, set up and manage infrastructure, alter CI/CD workflows, run reliable test and monitor the pipeline.
• Analyse the performance and stability of applications and infrastructure throughout the software lifecycle.
• Monitoring systems for malicious activity eg Logs, Alerts and Tracing.
• Perform routine application maintenance across the pipeline to ensure all environments run smoothly, discover, and remove vulnerabilities in the application , infrastructure or integrations, keep all software up to date and ensure service/systems availability.
• Application and Infrastructure Development, responsible for the configuration and optimization of infrastructure components. Use Infrastructure as Code solutions to speed up setup times and ensure more infrastructure flexibility.
• Application and Infrastructure Testing, manage tests set up tools, practices, and processes that inspect code early in the pipeline and resolve issues quickly. With the continuous testing to increase code quality, create more reliable pipelines, shorten test cycles, keep software defects away from production. Eg Unit testing, Integration testing, End-to-end and regression testing and Production testing.
• Incident Management, perform routine application maintenance across the pipeline.

Required Skills
• Desired knowledge and abilities,
• Minimum of 5 years' experience as a DevOps Engineer.
• Desired knowledge and work experience in Agile methodologies - Scrum, Kanban, Lean.
• Great communication skills, able to explain technical topics to wider business.
• Comprehensive understanding of multiple cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS .
• Maintain and improve the cloud infrastructure.
• Document technical manuals, playbook and coordinating inter-departmental activities.
• At least 3 years coding/scripting VB.Net and C#.
• Experience with continuous integration/deployment & automation tools.
• Experience with Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF), ActiveX Data Objects(ADO), API.
• Good knowledge in SQL server with building SQL queries and procedures.
• Expert in Azure Devops.
• Experience in working in solution in the refinery business.
• Nice to have experience working with products from Aspen Tech or Aveva.

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