PPFG Data Management Consultant

Published: 22 April 2022

PPFG Data Management Consultant
Location (Including Home Working Ratio): Houston (60%-40%)
Travel Requirements: 0%
Duration: 6 months +

Role Summary:

Our client, an Integrated Energy Company, is looking for someone with a strong geoscience background to provide expertise and support to an ongoing service in a central data team. You will be responsible for building, integrating, managing, maintaining and quality assuring datasets with the following requirements.


  • Strong technical background in wells data generation capture and management.
  • Including but not limited to Formation Pressure Data, Geomechanics, LWD, MWD, Wireline.
  • Work with the relevant product owner to support the development of high-quality Well Delivery data products such as PPFG, Geomechanics, NDS/NPT, FPIT, etc.
  • Strong technical skills to analyze and integrate data between Well Delivery data products to support safe and reliable well planning and operations
  • Liaise with regions to gather PPFG and Geomechanics data, mainly North Sea and Angola.
  • Extract the data using various methods as there are at least 3 types of Pressure book, format it and hand to data loaders.
  • QC the data and fix any errors or mistakes that may be made such as wrong curve name or unit type being assigned wrongly.
  • Generate post drill PPFG curves if needed and run Geomechanics tool if data is missing.
  • Load original pressure books and populate all meta data to DocHub.
  • Liaise with regions to gather NDS data from various sources, merge the data, strip out the non-geological NPT, check DDRs and CDRs for missing events.
  • Investigate and provide all missing parameters such as lithology, hole size, mud weight and add them to the existing data.
  • Format the data for upload to NDS Cloud and resolve any issues with the process.
  • Work with the data managers to resolve issues, help them with their cleanup work and educate them about the nuances of the geomechanical data.
  • Provide support to data managers (working other regions) who do not understand which curves to extract.
  • Update metrics spreadsheet so that the PowerBi statistics displays show what has been gathered.

Required Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of Formation Pressure Data, Geomechanics, LWD, MWD and Wireline.
  • Geoscience background and 10+ years of experience to support the development of data products.
  • Strong Visual Basic/coding skills to be able to manipulate/restore Excel based tools/files to unlock the data.
  • Experience interacting with internal customers and data specialists to collect and prioritize development requirements.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and technical credibility in dealing with end users and data product owners.
  • Experience working in a team that uses Agile approaches: Scrum working practices.

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