Driving Growth for the Renewable Energy Sector with Transferable Digital Skills

24 October 2022 — Ian Kennedy

Driving Growth for the Renewable Energy Sector with Transferable Digital Skills

As the energy industry reshapes to focus on de-carbonisation and renewable energy, organisations are increasingly turning to digitalisation to drive improved safety, performance, and value from a more focused and, in many cases, more mature portfolio of oil and gas assets.

A fundamental dependency on digitalisation has changed the way that oil and gas companies operate, and digital skills are now regarded as a corner stone for the modern workforce. To maximise value and drive the energy transition forward, digital skills are essential to work with new technologies and with exponential technological advancements. However, while the demand for digital skills is high, supply is low.

For the oil and gas companies that are investing significantly in the renewables sector, the resourcing of digital skills with domain understanding is paramount. However, compared to the traditional energy providers - oil and gas and coal and nuclear – the renewable energy sector is behind in its access to digital skills. These traditional industries are also more mature from both a digital and domain perspective. Combining this fact with a shortage of digital skills globally, renewables is facing a very real challenge.

However, for oil and gas companies embracing a future where renewables dominate their portfolio, the answer is close to home. Existing oil and gas digital skills can be leveraged, transferred, and multiplied to underpin the new renewables domains of wind, solar and hydrogen. With a growing demand for highly skilled digital professionals to support ambitious, digital-led projects alongside oil and gas, E&P Consulting is already working with oil and gas companies who are making the transition to renewables.

Working in partnership with our clients, we have helped to deliver a range of digital projects, products, and solutions within traditional upstream areas, such as subsurface, drilling and wells, production, capital projects, and work preparation and execution. With more than a decade of experience working within the upstream sector, we know how to deliver business value and results; providing strategies to identify digital professionals with transferable domain skills.

So, whether you need to transition digital professionals from production and drilling monitoring technologies to emerging wind and solar monitoring technologies; or ensure that digital projects in renewables take advantage of the mature approach to agile project management, our team is committed to assisting you with your energy transition and driving continued value and growth for the global energy industry.


Ian Kennedy is E&P's Head of Oil and Gas, and is responsible for developing and promoting E&P's consulting services, ensuring that value is realised from digital technologies within Oil and Gas organisations.