Point of View: Professional Product Ownership for Digital Energy

25 January 2021 — E&P Consulting

Point of View: Professional Product Ownership for Digital Energy

Point of View: Professional Product Ownership for Digital Energy

Many of our clients are adopting the Scrum framework as part of their digital transformations. The Product Owner is a key role within that framework. In this Point of View article, we look at the Product Owner role, why it's important, and what qualities are required to support success.


This paper examines the increasing importance of the Product Owner role as Energy companies seek to adopt a product mindset and use agile tools and frameworks to accelerate the realisation of value from Digital Products.

Why is Professional Product Ownership important?

Many organisations are now adopting the SCRUM framework to support their digital transformation agenda. The framework helps provide guidelines for the teams to work within to help, not only deliver digital products, but also support a shift in mindset.

This shift from delivering ’big bang’, multi-year technology solutions that often fail to deliver to releasing value more frequently and in smaller increments is a key step change required to deliver successful digital products.

The Product Owner role is a key role within this framework responsible for driving the product vision, managing the business stakeholders, and prioritising the work required to generate digital products and ultimately deliver value to the organisation.

Making the business case

The Product Owner will contribute greatly to the success of any digital product creation. It is therefore vital that to give your organisation the best chance of realizing value from these initiatives, the product owner role is approached with professionalism and the person with the right skills and attributes chosen.