Design and rollout of an environment that would support Real Time Decision making for drilling. This was to be implemented against a background where the client was developing custom modules against a Commercial Off The Shelf application to utilise RTDD to improve Safety and Operational Performance


  • Design scalable, resilient environment to support the end product.
  • Install and configure the solution; at all rig sites, offices and datacenters.
  • Increase the adoption of Real Time Drilling Data as part of the business unit workflow for drilling.


  • Provided a team, who blended domain expertise with technical skills, to reduce project risk.
  • Managed the deployment of the core product globally using a combination of on and offsite teams.
  • Hosted and managed a test environment in order to eliminate defects from the final released versions of the solution.


  • Providing domain contextual resources reduced program spend by an estimated 20-25% against a pure IT implementation.
  • The resulting deployments provided a stable platform thus encouraging the uptake of RTDD in asset workflows.
  • Lowered project costs by the use of our own hosting environments for testing and design.


  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Applications Testing
  • System Deployment

Quick Facts

  • Working on this program for 7 years from concept to realisation
  • Partnered with Vendors and suppliers to provide an integrated approach to delivery
  • Deployed to 10 Regions and 5 data centers