A tier one Oil & Gas company undertook a global programme to implement an enterprise Competency Assurance system, associated processes and organisation. We were engaged to carry out the Change Management required to ensure that staff were engaged and took ownership of this game-changing solution.


  • Identify all blockers to change and plan & implement mitigations
  • Identify and manage all stakeholders globally
  • Engage with staff through multi channel communications
  • Develop and facilitate change agent network to drive staff ownership of the solution
  • Design and deliver training and support
  • Develop communities of practice and forums for continuous improvement


  • Plan and deliver a comprehensive Change Management stream of work that is aligned to and supportive of the technical system implementation
  • Create an internal network of staff to drive ongoing development and management


  • Extremely high staff engagement of the solution resulting in high ROI
  • Minimal downtime or productivity loss during implementation
  • A resilient and effective community of practice that ensures ongoing benefits


  • Change strategy and plan
  • Change Interventions
  • C.I. framework

Quick Facts

  • 82,223 individual assessments, involving 3,800 people completed
  • First company to have a CAMS accreditation from OPITO for both onshore and offshore operations