Provision of Real Time Drilling Data subject matter expertise. To provide assurance and coordination to assets undertaking drilling campaigns where real time drilling data was part of the workflow.


  • Real time Drilling Data feeds within the customer’s Real Time Operations Center were suffering from unreliable provision and then inconsistent data when provided.
  • Reduction in failures associated with the environment surrounding the provision of RTDD for decision making.


  • RTDD Subject Matter Expert deployed as RTOC Pilot/Coordinator.
  • The coordinators provided assurance to drilling teams around provision of data and services to support their decision making.
  • Documentation of processes to ensure consistency during future drilling campaigns.
  • Gathering of explicit Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements to feed into long term strategy.


  • Support onshore/remote decision making reducing the need for personnel at the well site.
  • Supporting more junior teams at well site.
  • Support multiple drilling campaigns from a single RTOC.
  • Increased adoption of RTOCs as part of drilling operations workflow.


  • Single point of contact for RTDD coordination
  • Hookup assurance
  • Mentoring
  • Working as part of both RTOC and asset drilling team

Quick Facts

  • Rescued a failing service
  • RTOC credibility was under scrutiny with impending high profile drilling campaigns
  • We successfully improved the existing service and provided long term strategy