Effecting Culture Change in Well Services Effectiveness and Efficiency Performance


  • Generate a culture of commitment to best practice (the client’s documented Completions and Interventions Quality Plan - CIQP): VP, managers & supervisors, key contractors
  • Foster organisational climate of high engagement & contractor commitment to org values
  • Reduce non productive time (NPT); reduce identified waste & optimise well delivery, consistent with HSE objectives
  • Develop cross functional value based decision making & contingency planning capability


  • Undertake a cultural and efficiency study from the top down (onshore & offshore asset team)
  • Devise contractor-led waste and opportunity improvements plan
  • Deliver tailored Performance Leadership training & coaching to VP, managers & supervisors: modular (5)
  • Utilisation of “Lean well services” methods e.g. hoshin process adapted for Service the Limit; root cause analysis; corrective action implementation; tool rental waste reduced; etc.
  • Organisational Learning ethos & methods introduced & uptake consistently fostered
  • Coach for contingency planning, risk analysis & cross functional optimised value prioritisation


  • Performance culture established e.g. learning (+/-), active participation in implementing improvement opportunities, reducing blame, leadership participation in positive reinforcement & celebration of successes
  • Visual performance management embedded e.g. transparency & clear ownership of KPIs


  • 12% reduction in non-productive time (NPT)
  • Improved production through shared right 1st time mindset
  • Tool rental waste reduced by 75%
  • Improved performance leadership & team involvement demonstrated

Quick Facts

  • Leadership became more active however did not embrace the organisational learning culture & values
  • Client & contractor relations improved temporarily but reverted back over time (passive/aggressive routines unbroken)
  • An asset & rig wide culture seeking continuous improvement was not consistently demonstrated
  • The client did not sustain CI practice – high apathy now reported in terms of seeking effectiveness and efficiency