A tier one Oil & Gas company undertook a global programme to implement a set of standards that would secure the transmission of Real Time Drilling Data (RTTD) from the rig site service company sensors to applications used by both asset and global drilling teams.


  • Provide data visibility across different company networks
  • Design and implement PCN type security for the Drilling networks
  • Allow secure data transmission between companies
  • Provide a secure aggregation system ( on and offshore )
  • Design and deliver training and support


  • Multi company solution involving vendors, service companies and company IT
  • Oversite from internal PCN security team
  • Drilling operations specific design
  • Adoption of company and industry standards on digital security
  • Secure and aggregated movement of data and information


  • Eliminated multiple rig site solutions
  • Removed cross network, company to company contamination
  • Lowered the cost of ownership by using a single design
  • Reduced risk to data security associated with previous complex solution


  • High level architecture
  • Roll out to 8 assets
  • Provided support services

Quick Facts

  • Deployed to 8 regions globally and 20+ Installations
  • Working with over a dozen service companys
  • Servicing 1500 global users