A global operator acquired assets from a Super Major, the challenge was to ensure that all processes, systems and data were transferred under their governance. It was necessary to migrate many of their processes along with their corresponding software, systems and data so they could pass local regulatory needs before they could assume operatorship.


Ensure that the new operator was in demonstrable control of all areas of the new assets by a preset demanding date.


  • Build a temporary PMO organisation with domain skills to efficiently deliver the programme.
  • Complete impact analysis of all processes, systems and data required to operate the new assets – surveillance, work management, hydrocarbon allocations, HSSE, logbook etc.
  • Work with the existing operator to make sure all required data and/or systems were available for migration
  • Migrate processes and data into new operators existing standards and applications.
  • Procure new software and setup in the new operators environment where necessary.


  • Domain experienced team minimised ramp up time, and accelerated delivery.
  • New operator could operate the new assets with confidence.
  • Key date achieved to demonstrate operatorship and hence take over the assets.


  • Data migrated into existing systems
  • Select new applications bought and configured
  • Operatorship proved

Quick Facts

  • 2 Significant assets transformed
  • 9 months from sign off to taking operatorship
  • PMO organisation of 40 at peak