Analyses of DDR (Daily Drilling Reporting ) for this operator identified errors , omissions and non compliance in the region of 30% - 40 % per daily submission. This resulted in poor partner perception, poor re use of data in planning subsequent wells and a general mistrust of the provenance of wells data in general. A team of remote data specialists were inserted in to the process to intercept the DDR and provide a QA / QC service.


  • Find a low cost QA/QC service line to “wash “ both daily and historical data
  • Created data standards and implemented a process that promoted data rigour at the well site.
  • Ensure that data was of a quality to add value to consequent well engineering / planning
  • Perform analysis and reporting depicting the quality of DDR data in the regions


Provided a team that was aligned with the timing of morning reporting. These were low cost professionals with a data in well engineering data. They created / worked with reference guides and standards that were created in line with the business. In fallow times between DDR reporting periods these individuals performed QA/QC on historic data sets both operations and engineering


  • Improved the quality of morning reports within 6 months
  • Created a data quality culture between rig, partner and asset
  • Service line was dissolved after 18 months as data issues became minimal
  • Inclusion of offset data became the norm rather than the exception in well planning workflow


  • Low cost QA/ QC for DDR
  • Historic data remediation
  • Creation of a data excellence and improvement culture
  • Create a service line that would fix then disband

Quick Facts

  • Across global assets
  • Multiple time zones
  • 100s of wells
  • Cost savings and efficiency's demonstrable and represented huge return on ROI