Review of support services surrounding RTDD within customer’s RTOC and drilling teams, the existing support model was insufficient to support a real time environment


  • We were engaged to provide an alternative approach to supporting the existing RTDD environment. This environment had to be able to reduce the number of failures associated with data feeds.
  • Create a badge less environment which brought together the service companies, application vendors and IT groups in support of the Business.


  • Mapping of functional and non-functional requirements of RTOC RTDD support service.
  • Proactive not reactive Service, emphasis on supporting drilling team needs around real time decision making.
  • Bust and collapse model to mirror drilling schedules and critical events.
  • An environment of continuous measurement and improvement.


  • Expect to reduce number of failed hookups by 50%.
  • Consistency of service is expected to increase utilization of real time decision making as part of asset workflow.
  • Continuous improvement initiative is expected to realize further efficiencies by identifying opportunities for automation within the RTDD environment.


  • Fit for purpose design
  • Learning environment
  • Global Model
  • Vendor Neutral

Quick Facts

  • We have been providing drilling support for this organization for 10 years +
  • Provide process, applications and infrastructure support for both real time and non real time drilling workflows
  • Provide drilling support for other Oil & Gas