Our client had multiple work management systems and varying versions. A business transformation programme had been established to improve all operational workflows. This needed a new IT tool which the new work flows could be built around. The existing systems were poorly supported and only in an ad-hoc way.


  • To work with the Business Functional Head and their team to agree a new approach for WMS
  • Select and implement a tool to integrate key systems and support process improvements to meet key business goals.
  • Bring all existing operational assets together and gain consensus


  • Senior maintenance supervisors brought together from around the world to define and sign off requirements
  • Fixed price bid was run to cover the deployment of the solution
  • Selection of IBM Maximo as the preferred system
  • The winning SI was managed to ensure relevant standards were met and delivery managed as expected.


  • Provided an intuitive tool that allowed fast and easy adoption of best practices across the assets
  • Considerable saving on support costs as a result of consolidation
  • Lower overall cost of ownership federally and per asset
  • Provided baselines for future improvements and integration with other systems


  • Cost saving and simplification
  • Process and platform Standardisation
  • Rationalisation

Quick Facts

  • Budget $ 70 Million
  • Benefits $ 0.3 Billion
  • Headcount reduction 45