Regional Results for the E&P Contractor Consultant Survey 2022

13 February 2023 — E&P Consulting

Regional Results for the E&P Contractor Consultant Survey 2022

What our consultants provide is integral to E&P, and we want to ensure that our consultants, and our clients, have a positive experience working with E&P. We also want to continue to maintain and develop good business practices and achieve high performance.

At the end of last year, we invited all our consultants to take part in a survey to help us to understand more about their experience working with E&P. This is the first time that E&P has conducted a survey with its consultants, and the survey was open to all E&P consultants.

The survey was designed to gather feedback and viewpoints on various areas, such as working with E&P, our management and communication, our work environment, and our values and culture. The survey was conducted online, and all responses were anonymous, giving our consultants the opportunity to be candid with us on the areas that we need to capitalise on and improve upon.

The majority took part in the survey with responses received across all our core regions - the Americas and Canada, Europe and Middle East, and Asia.

We want to build solid long-term relationships with our consultants, and we are delighted to be working with talented people to deliver the best of breed digital domain expertise in today’s energy industry.

To view the results of the E&P Contractor Consultant Survey 2022, click on the regional report button links below: